The Coronavirus

SYS Technologies provides clean, isolated environment. for the Corona, It is a modular mobile unit for hospitalization of patients under isolation environment. 

SYS Technologies is an innovative company, which offers a variety of solutions and breakthrough technology in the field of indoor clean environment systems, as well as portable solutions.

The company has identified the growing needs, in the medical and industrial markets, for efficient, high quality, yet simple to maintain, transport and operate, clean environment systems.

Clean Air Environment Systems are systems that allows to create a defined space, which is free of contaminants (particles, bacteria, microbes, etc.). The systems have broad applications, both in the medical field (operating rooms, isolation facilities, etc.) and in the high-tech industry (cleanrooms for a variety of purposes).

SYS Technologies developed and offers its costumer both Positive Air Pressure systems and Negative Air Pressure systems.

Positive Air Pressure Series is a series of clean environment systems, which was developed by the company, for creating clean space using positive air pressure technologies. The positive pressure is obtained within the system using regulated, controlled pressurized air inflated to the system using a set of filters that cleans the interior of the system within minutes from existing polluting particles and prevents the entry of new particles.

Medical solutions

SYS Technologies was established with the aim of saving as many lives as possible, in a condition in which healthcare workers can perform all duties in a safe, efficient and ideal environment in any setting. 

SYS Technologies has achieved this goal after numerous years of research and direct field-testing, through a continuous process of improvement alongside leading organizations in the field of international humanitarian and medical assistance. 

SYS Technologies continues to offer a wide range of solutions that address the need of providing clinically aseptic environments, which have already been used and successfully adopted by governments, NGOs, hospitals and research institutes all over the world.

All systems provided by SYS Technologies meet the highest quality standards and comply with international health and safety regulations. All products have undergone scrutinizing testing that permitted in attaining international certifications, which include EEC, ISO
14644, IES RP-Coo62, and NEBB.

Projects under construction

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National TV République du Congo


is a dynamic system, positive air pressure regulated, for creating clean environment, under dynamic conditions -

In other words, Futura(™) system “knows” how to handle and actively respond to changing situations and conditions

(e.g. - entry of people into the system interior, movements and actions within the system interior or external changes affecting the system interior).

Industrial Solutions

Positive air pressure cleanrooms systems are commonly used for Electronics, Aerospace, Optics, Pharmaceutical, Military and Defense applications, and Research, etc., where the air escaping from within the unit, due to the positive air pressure, is not hazardous and not creating safety or health concerns.


Positive air pressure means the cleanroom or rooms are "pumped up” with more filtered air then the surrounding space outside the cleanroom(s). There are different cascading levels of positive air pressure from the cleanest rooms at the highest pressure down to the gown room/or airlock room.


SYS Technologes provides a range of Inductrial clean air systems, designed according to each sagment specific needs.