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 IsoT Inflatable 24™ (4 beds) negative pressure system

The new IsoT 24™ system by SYS Technologies provides clean, isolated environment. It is a modular mobile unit for hospitalization of patients under isolation environment. 

IsoT 58™ system uses negative air pressure technologies to provide effective, versatile and simple solution for creating an isolation environment - anywhere, anytime, by anyone. 

Inflatable arched construction with longitudinal beams and a lower harness. 

It is made of frost-resistant reinforced PVC fabric with an internal atmospheric pressure of 0.2 Atm, which can withstand climatic stresses (wind, precipitation in the form of rain or snow, temperature stress). The frame is made by high technology. In the frame there is a Discharge valve (as a result of strong heating in the sun or shock, the Discharge valve automatically Discharge air from the frame to working pressure) and an inflation valve. 

The system insulation is made of four layers of insulating materials to ensure optimal insulation between the interior and the external in all weather conditions. 

The floor is a discharge floor made of temperature-insulated materials. 

Unique openings that allow different cables to be transferred between the outside and the inside.

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