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FUTURA Dynamic

The FUTURA system is designed to produce and maintaina fully controlled isolated clean environment,tailored to any designated cleanness class,per regulatory requirements.


Virtual wall

Working area

The FUTURA system includes a designated censoring and monitoring capabilities,enabling real-time monitoring of the environmental parameters within the system,such as particle count, motion, temperature and humidity,and real-time modifications to the FUTURA system's operation parametersin accordance with the specific standard requirement.


temperature and humidity



The FUTURA system is controlled by central command unitthat receives inputs and data from the production floorand responds in real time


Units Control

60x60cm resolution

The FUTURA system allows for a wide maneuvering space in the production spaceby allowing virtual walls to be createdbetween subspaces within the existing space. In doing so, we streamline production management while keeping regulatory requirementsin a controlled and accurate manner.


Different level of cleanliness

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