• Positive Pressure technology.

  • Comply with ISO class 6 according to ISO 14644, IES RP-CC006.2 and NEBB directions.

  • 26 HEPA filters evenly distribute clean air inside the Medi-T unit.

  • Entire air volume within the Medi-T unit being replaced 70 times per hour.

  • Packed in three, mobile, hand carried bags

  • Easily transportable and storable

  • Simple to install and operate

  • All In One” integrated solution

  • Variety of target markets – HLS, Medical, Army

  • Medi-T is suitable for a wide variety of medical applications. from lifesaving surgical procedures under field conditions, to mobile, handy solution in cases of emergency or disasters situations

Medi-T  portable surgical unit i

The Medi-T series is a revolutionary portable systems that enables users to achieve quasi-sterile environmental conditions within minutes after deployment, and in turn to perform life-saving surgical operations directly on the field.

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